Ego Divine (A. Fields, K. Geerdes)


A well made machine of psychic dreams 

but, what is real and what’s make believe? 

A flesh that feels…unsynthesized. 

What would it see looking through your eyes? 

Ghost of the god from the machine 

who turned us on and made us bleed or 

dystopian savior who runs the blade 

to retire us all that can’t be saved? 

Do I belong here? Is the ego designed? 

Do I belong here? 

Ghost of a God that can’t be seen 

feeds us hope, in unicorn dreams, 

that tell us all how the ego’s  divine 

in each paper man that’s left behind. 

Crossword logic and number lines 

define our place in space and time. 

To what purpose are we flawed by design 

with the weight of the end filling up our minds? 

I never belonged here…is the ego divine? 

I do not belong here! 

What can we know 

about the Ego? 

Is it divine

or is it designed? 

There’s nothing so real as the end of illusion. 

Nothing so real as the end of “Me”. 

Although I’m embracing the end of confusion 

there’s, sadly, no end to eternity. 

What I am feeling inside 

is an evil that’s easy to hide. 

What am I, really, inside? 

The ego, or Ego Divine? 

The evil is easy to find. 

It’s in the Ego Divine. 

I do not belong here. Is my ego divine? 

I never belonged here? 

Tears in rain you cannot see 

are proof that there’s a soul in me. 

So many moments, lost in time 

Wake up now it's time to die

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