Devil's Torch (K. Geerdes, A. Fields)


Took a torch, did the devil, as he set upon his way. 

Burned our homes, left the fields after they’d been razed. 

On the march to Carolina, Devil’s torch split the night. 

Fifty thousand acres in a tract burned three miles wide 

Good Lord, I seen it. 

Could hardly believe it… 

The fires from the Devil’s Torch. 

War of the Rebel and Union armies be damned, 

he stoked the fires that burned down Dixieland. 

The suffering! A many southern comforts laid to waste. 

For never was a sound like the one made from flames! 

Lord, I seen it. 

I’d never believed in 

the fires of the Devil’s Torch… 

Fire it up, burn it down 

Fire it up, burn it down 

Fire it up, burn it to the ground 

As fire raged from mountains to the sea 

he’d burn poor souls alive to hear their screams. 

Marching through Savannah, the Devil’s fire burned our eyes. 

Razed the whole damn nation ’til no one could survive!!! 

If I’d not seen it, 

I wouldna believe in 

the fires from the Devil’s Torch. 

The Devil’s Torch is burning you alive. 

Good Lord, I seen it 

but couldn’t believe it. 

The fires from the Devil’s Torch… 

The Devil’s Torch burns you alive.

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