Store Bought Paradise (A. Fields)


In the shadows of the night, 

something felt quite not right, 

you caught me by surprise. 

When I first saw you, 

you asked me who I am, 

and am I happy 

or am I just…pretending? 

‘cause words don’t mean a thing, if you’re not listening. 

Wake yourself, you’re sleeping through the smoke alarm. 

Think I could bum a light 

while I philosophize? 

See, something’s not quite right 

in our store bought paradise. 

When I first started 

it was just common sense 

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Warhead Messiah (A Piece of Me Apart from You)  (A.Fields)


In the course of events, 

when there is cause and there is intent, 

add a camera to the mix 

and now something must be done 

in the face of evidence 

that no, we’re not free at all. 

We’re told to get in line, 

and we’re told not to speak. 

If I dared to share my mind, 

would you make a threat of me? 

A part of you is part of me. 

Even though you makes me want to scream, 

know that I would make amends 

and work from that on which we…

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Words for a Prophet (A. Fields)


I first saw your face 

on a billboard that read 

“I’m coming to town and 

I’d like you to join me.” 

I’d never been saved, 

so I made the decision 

to visit the stage 

you’d put up downtown. 

I thought I’d be early but 

the crowd had already 

surrounded the gate 

the night before. 

There was some feedback 

testing the P.A. 

but the music erupted 

in time to begin. 

And you know what you have done… 

Words of a prophet. 

A message that’s not meant to 


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Missd (A. Fields)


Hold tight 


There’s something in the air tonight. 



you’ll pardon me if I seem scared. 


Hurry now, run! I hardly believe 

all of the things I’ve started to see. 


Hurry, I know it’s hard to break free 

from all of the things they taught you to need. 

Did you 

see it? 

As the clouds came rolling in 


once bright, 

slowly disappeared 

Run! My love! You and I are gonna make it out alive. 

Run! Run! If we…

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Kill or be Killed (A. Fields)


I don’t use big words so that 

you can hear me re- 

peat the message 

that you believe

and will set you free.

Thinking is a resource that just adds to your confusion. 

You can’t outrun 

a truth or a lie. 

All you’ve been sold 

is part of the crime. 

I don’t use big words so that  

you can hear me re-  

peat the message  

that you believe 

and will set you free.

Thinking that you have a voice is part of the solution. 


What you can do 

to speak your mind, 

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Holding Patterns (A. Fields)


My prison can’t be seen 

‘cause it’s a part of me. 

No doors hold the key 

to being a better me. 

Patterns hold me. 

This puzzle’s incomplete, 

missing a center piece. 

I try to deal with this 

by steeling my mind 

in a holding pattern. 

You see, I’m consumed by these 

moments of stress 

helplessly needing to 

do things again. 

Over and over and 

over and over. 

Over and over and 

over and over again… 

A pattern holds me. 

It’s not like want or need, 

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fAll In (A. Fields)


I hear what you say, but it’s not what you’re thinking. 

Is it so hard to say what is true? 

Secrets, lies, compromise and 

disregard for human rights.

You claim that that’s the game you have to play 

and it’s alright to start a fight 

with someone else’s fathers. 

Because we’re free(?) 

they should be. 

Thank you, may I have another? 

Another one 

for the youth that you took from me 

another one 

for the child that I’ve never seen 

another one 

for the life that’ll…

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Ego Divine (A. Fields, K. Geerdes)


A well made machine of psychic dreams 

but, what is real and what’s make believe? 

A flesh that feels…unsynthesized. 

What would it see looking through your eyes? 

Ghost of the god from the machine 

who turned us on and made us bleed or 

dystopian savior who runs the blade 

to retire us all that can’t be saved? 

Do I belong here? Is the ego designed? 

Do I belong here? 

Ghost of a God that can’t be seen 

feeds us hope, in unicorn dreams, 

that tell us all…

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Devil's Torch (K. Geerdes, A. Fields)


Took a torch, did the devil, as he set upon his way. 

Burned our homes, left the fields after they’d been razed. 

On the march to Carolina, Devil’s torch split the night. 

Fifty thousand acres in a tract burned three miles wide 

Good Lord, I seen it. 

Could hardly believe it… 

The fires from the Devil’s Torch. 

War of the Rebel and Union armies be damned, 

he stoked the fires that burned down Dixieland. 

The suffering! A many southern comforts laid to…

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