It took an artistic mecca like Asheville, NC, to attract the members of Pleasure to Burn. Fully formed in the fall of 2015, the genesis of PTB began with a jam session between guitarist Korey Geerdes & drummer Kevin Cassels in December 2014. Korey had been trying for years to find that perfect combination of band members to realize his musical vision – heavy, energetic, hard-hitting rock/metal with melodic vocals, as opposed to the yelling & screaming heard in much of metal music today. Kevin had been playing a variety of musical genres in many different bands, but had been yearning to play drums in a metal band for many years. 

   In March of 2015, vocalist & artistic visionary Adam Fields joined the trio, and quickly recorded & produced the group’s “downstairs demo,” featuring six original demo songs recorded in Kevin’s basement (with Korey & Adam also filling in on bass) in September 2015. In November, after nearly a year of looking, multi-instrumentalist Jhon Bellizia (aka “Sir Jhon”) completed the lineup, and the name Pleasure to Burn was solidified in January 2016. 

   PTB made their debut on March 19, 2016, at their official launch party featuring fire breathers, audio visual madness, a red carpet area, torches, and a guest list that included friends, family, other bands, and local promoters & music writers. Their official live debut came on April 24 at the Odditorium in a double-headliner with VIC Crown. 

   Soon thereafter, the band began recording their debut album with veteran metal producer Jamie King (Between the Buried & Me, Wretched, Deception of a Ghost, Scale the Summit) in Winston-Salem, NC. After performing a year & a half worth of shows, an unfortunate ATV accident sidelined Adam & the unfortunate departure of bassist Jhon Bellizia in 2017 slowed progress on both the album and live performances. Entering 2017, Adam is fully healed & the band has joined forces with new bassist Brian Candler; with production on the album back in full swing with a slated release for early-mid 2018 and a number of upcoming live performances.

The Voice - Adam Fields

Hometown: Pittsfield, Massacuhsetts 

Previous Bands: Lacy Nob, Splitting Atoms, Low Maintenance Hottie, Konundrumz , Happy Little Carnivores, and Token Player 

Artist, Writer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Composer. Those are just a few of the words that accurately describe Adam Fields. As of 2015, Adam can add the words “lead vocalist” to that list. An accomplished drummer & guitarist with many years experience in other bands, PTB is the first band to feature Adam as frontman. His voice is a defining difference between PTB and many other hard rock/metal acts. Although aggressive at times, his melodic, intelligible vocals offer an alternative counterpoint to his bandmates’ hard-hitting music, often channelling the sounds of Mike Patton, Glenn Danzig, Anthony Kiedis & Ozzy Osbourne within a single song. He also writes most of PTB’s lyrics.

The Beat - Kevin Cassels

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia 

Previous bands: Mother Vinegar, Minus Us, The Well Drinkers, Honest Engine, Oliver's Soup, Kudzu, Funky Jumpsuit, Purgatory, Arctic Heat 

Although he has covered many genres since first playing drums in 8th grade, Kevin Cassels' true calling is hard rock/heavy metal drumming. Born in New York City & raised in Atlanta, Kevin listens to jazz & new age music more than any other style, but his musical, hard-hitting “machine gun” approach is heavily influenced by Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Eric Carr (Kiss), and of course, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin). Kevin also plays drums in the Cult of Kings, which allows him to express the influence of some of his other favorite groups such as Phish, Weather Report, Steely Dan, Umphrey’s McGee & Parliament-Funkadelic.

6 Strings - Korey Geerdes

Hometown: Lone Rock, Iowa 

Previous bands: Falling of Seasons, Lifegrip, Meat Rocket, Slave One 

The founding member and visionary of PTB, Korey Geerdes is responsible for writing the majority of the band’s music. Although he can shred with the best of them, Korey’s strength lies in complex,  pummeling riffs, memorable hooks, tension & release building, and quick tempo changes, all of which only pass final inspection if the song is also accessible and melodic. Korey formed PTB in 2015 and brought with him a huge vault of completed songs, unfinished sections, and new ideas to help form the PTB sound. Korey’s favorite guitarists include Jimmy Page, Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Randy Rhoads, Jerry Cantrell, Angus & Malcom Young, and Eddie Van Halen.